landscape maintenance

Green Heron Landscapes is family owned lawn maintenance company with a professional approach and systems for consistently uniform property care. We measure your property to determine how our maintenance crews will maintain your property as efficient as possible. Our account managers are proactive in meeting with you on a regular basis to determine what the best care is for your property. Our teams of highly-trained crew members will report to your property on their scheduled day to mow, remove debris, trim, and edge your property. Our crews are extremely mindful during the clean up process to remove any debris from flower beds, doorways, lanais and pool areas. Green Heron crew leaders have an average of 14 years experience with Green Heron Landscapes. You can take comfort in knowing that your property is in the hands of experts.


Irrigation is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of Florida horticulture. Consistent monitoring of your irrigation system is essential to the overall condition of your property. Lack of coverage will result in dry spots to occur and cause loss of turf and plant life. With our service, your irrigation system is inspected monthly. Adjustments and repairs will be made as needed. Irrigation, as well as all of our services, is a major part of increasing the value of your property. Regular maintenance crews are trained to watch irrigation issues during their scheduled maintenance and report them before they become a major issue.

pest control and fertilizer

Green Heron Landscapes realizes that living in Southwest Florida means dealing with insects and disease on a regular basis. Our account managers will diagnose your problem and dispatch our spray technicians to treat the problem correctly. Our spray technicians are properly licensed and certified by the state of Florida. Our practices are both horticulturally, and environmentally safe.

Green Heron Landscapes' specialty blended fertilizer is included in your landscaping contract. We supply both granular and liquid fertilization processes specifically designed for your property that meet the horticultural standards for Southwest Florida.


We at Green Heron are completely open in keeping you, the customer, informed in what we are doing now, and what we will be doing in the near future to your property. Our Staff's responsibility is to keep you informed as to what is being done to your property at all times.

We communicate this to your homeowner association and homeowners in several ways. Phone, cell-phone, e-mail, regular reports, annual schedules of maintenance events are examples. Green Heron has a 24 hour return message policy from your account managers. Your understanding and satisfaction is our future. Our future is very important in this family run business. Just as the quality and care of your landscape is important to the value of your investment.